PMHA profile pictureEmily is embarking on some very exciting research with colleagues on perinatal mental health.  Specifically, how a particular type of perinatal yoga (not only prenatal yoga) may support a women’s mental health, including the treatment of trauma, during the perinatal time (pregnancy through 1-year postpartum).  As the research study is in its very beginning stages, Emily is offering a forum to women (current mothers (both old, or new), and pregnant women) through this “Perinatal Mental Health Awareness” Facebook page.

Here, Emily will pose questions to women such as:

  • “What do you think was missing in your perinatal (pre and post-natal) care re: mental health acknowledgement/support (or lack thereof)?”
  • “What would you have liked to been added to your perinatal care?”
  • “Would you have been open to exploring a particular type of yoga, based on Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga,  designed for women, not only during pregnancy, but during the perinatal time?”
  • “If offered, what mental health supports were helpful to you?”


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  • Progress on the research study will also be posted here.