Consultation Services

Consultation ServicesClients who may not be able to see Emily in person because of location or mobility issues can still benefit from our services remotely. Even yoga, Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), and other other body-based treatment sessions can be offered through various phone and video options.

Emily also offers consultation to other psychotherapists and professionals in the field.  Face to face, this can be a 1:1 clinical supervision relationship, or remote consultation.

Emily offers:

– Face to face meetings

– Phone Consultations

– Face Time/Google Chat Consultations


Clinical supervision and phone/video consultations are not reimbursable through insurance.  Please see fee schedule below:

  • 60 minutes $125
  • 45 minutes $95
  • 30 minutes $75
  • 15 minutes $40


Call Emily for a brief initial consultation to explore treatment options and see whether our services are right for you.  Email or call directly: (617) 410-8581.