Unplug This Fall

Unplug This FallI just got back from a wonderful camping trip in Vermont – filled with friends, song, and harvest.  Hiking in the morning, lounging and playing in the warm fall sun in the afternoon, preparing wholesome fresh food with friends, dancing, singing, and stargazing by fireside were just some of the many activities enjoyed.  Disconnected from daily tasks, obligations, and to-do lists; unplugged from email, phone, and television – brought back to the raw basic joys of living. Continue reading

Time for a New Perspective?

Time for a New PerspectiveI had the opportunity to take a week off at the end of the summer and stay at my cousin’s lake house in Western MA.  After spending some time with family and loved ones, I was also able to have a few days alone at the end of my trip.  I created a few rituals in those quiet days, one of which was taking the kayak out at sunset each evening to witness the close of the day.

I would paddle out to roughly the same spot each night, patiently watching the light dancing on the water – becoming softer in each moment.  Continue reading

What are You Hiding?

What are You Hiding?I had the pleasure of going to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston last week, after not having been in over a year.  Surrounded by such amazing creation, ingenuity, and culture has always been incredibly inspiring for me.  The architecture alone entices the imagination.  Admittedly, when I go to museums, I do not always read each description of the artist and artwork in the caption affixed to the piece.  But one piece in particular drew me in, and I was glad that did. Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Exhale

Don't Forget to ExhaleTransitions come at many different times and take many different forms.  Some are very clear: new job, new home, new relationship.  Others may be more subtle.  They may not always come at the most opportune times – and often – transitions will come grouped together (just to keep you on your toes!).  Very simply, transition means change.

It also means: “Passage from one state, stage, or place to another; a movement, development, or evolution; or an abrupt change in energy state or level.”  Clearly, there is some experience of action, movement, and activity.  And whatever the external transition may be – our bodies will be directly affected in some way.  How our bodies adjust, process, and react to these transitions may not always be so clear. Continue reading

The Quest for Relaxation

The Quest for RelaxationSo many of us have been here: rushing around the house, throwing clothes and shoes in bags, rummaging through toiletries to find that travel size tooth paste you know you bought for the last trip…and likely…having little to no awareness of your breath.  “I’ll relax when I get on the plane” (train or automobile…) is something we’ve all said before.

In fact, I said it just last weekend when preparing for a trip to the Cape!  Why do we make ourselves wait for relaxation? And then feel that we have to look for it; seek it out; travel to it – keeping it at a distance from our daily life.  Relaxation then becomes a “quest” – something outside of and away from ourselves, something that becomes a mission to find. Continue reading

Shaken to the Core

Shaken to the CoreIt’s hard to believe that it has almost been a month since the Boston Marathon tragedy.  The events that transpired on that day and throughout the following week have left a mark on so many of us living in and around the community of Boston and beyond.  We have been affected in different ways andat different times – but its safe to say that we have all felt the gravity of this tragedy – no one more so than the victims and those who lost loved ones.

And now we’re left to pick ourselves up, as individuals and a community, to try and make sense of it all.  Shaken to the core.  A phrase we’ve heard before – but in this case, it has become a palpable reality for many. Continue reading