A Slower Pace

IMG_4973It was quite the transition to come back from Mexico a few weeks ago to a frozen-over driveway and mounds of snow. My body was almost in shock, coming from 83 degree weather back to the cold that I had left. It had taken me a few days when I got to Mexico to transition from my hurried life to a slower, relaxed pace. However, coming back to the cold and reality of the “daily grind” felt a bit more abrupt. As much as I wanted to keep a sense of calm and warmth within me, I found it to be challenging.

This is certainly not the first time someone has reflected on the challenges of transitioning back from vacation, attempting to maintain some of the felt sense of relaxation experienced. In fact, one of my previous blog posts spoke of this theme. Ultimately, the hope is to work toward a more integrated and balanced way of living that allows for opportunities of solace and reflection on a more consistent basis.

On this most recent return, I was reminded that life, in general, is constantly in transition. These transitions are not always as obvious as being on a beach in Mexico one day and being knee-deep in the snow the next. Or even as clear as the change in seasons can be. Every day represents an essence of change, as each dark night transitions to the dawn of a new morning. Our minds and bodies are constantly in a state of transition, as well. And therefore, it is important to take notice of the pace we choose to live our lives. Why does clarity of mind and calmness of body seem most possible when we’re “away from it all”? Could it be possible to access this relaxed state of being when we’re “in it all,” immersed in our daily routines?

I venture to say that the pace we set for ourselves on a daily basis is a very important piece. Just take notice once in a while: How fast are you walking? Driving? Breathing? Do your days sometimes feel like a marathon from the moment you step out of bed? Could you consider the possibility that slowing down ever so slightly and becoming a bit more mindful of your mental and physical pace could have significant positive impact? Learning to integrate a slower pace into even the most rushed activities without having to physically relocate yourself in order to do so. Considering the possibility is the first step, if you can give yourself permission that change is possible.


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