Discover Your Light

Discover Your LightAs we find ourselves in the midst of another Holiday Season, we may be wondering where the time has gone!  Though this season often brings bright lights, joyous music, and the warmth of family and friends, it also brings a certain pace and expectation that may prevent us from being truly present.

No matter your belief system, when we peel back the ribbons, wreaths, candles, and carols, a simple message of gratitude and hope remain.  Gratitude for our lives and the people in it; and a hope and anticipation for the New Year that lies ahead.  There may also be opportunities to step back from our individual lives, and find connection to a higher purpose or greater meaning.  To expand and shift our often limited and singular perspectives to be more inclusive of the world as a whole.

This season can also be a very difficult time for many.  We are often reminded of those no longer with us, and our hearts may feel heavy.  Surrounded by images of what we’re “supposed” to have; how we’re “supposed” to feel; and who we’re “supposed” to be spending our time with during the holidays – we may be left to question what we’re missing, instead of cherishing what we do have.

I believe that there is a light that resides in all of us.  That we are born with this light and it travels with us during the course of our lives.  It may shine brighter at certain times than others, and can even be reduced to a small flicker during some of life’s most challenging moments.  But it always remains.  The challenge is learning how to tune out the external noise every so often, and be still long enough to see the light within each and every one of us.  When we give ourselves the space and time to focus on this light, it will grow – especially when we share it with those around us.  Wishing you the warmth of light this holiday season and always.


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