What are You Hiding?

What are You Hiding?I had the pleasure of going to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston last week, after not having been in over a year.  Surrounded by such amazing creation, ingenuity, and culture has always been incredibly inspiring for me.  The architecture alone entices the imagination.  Admittedly, when I go to museums, I do not always read each description of the artist and artwork in the caption affixed to the piece.  But one piece in particular drew me in, and I was glad that did.

The artist, Summer Wheat, had these captivating words to say about her creative process:  “I’m fascinated by how things are hidden in our society and in people…I like things that are different than how they appear.  For instance, I become fascinated when things are less heroic than how I originally viewed them, as well as discovering something that is more amazing than I had originally perceived it to be.”  Something instantly spoke to me about her words.  I feel that each of us – in some way – at some time in our life – have kept things hidden, and often times not in the most obvious way (hence the concealed, undisclosed nature of hiding).   I’m not talking about keeping a secret, or hiding a spare key to your house.  I’m talking more about what we may be hiding within ourselves – what we may be withholding – or even more importantly, what may be holding us back?  And not necessary what we may be hiding from others, but rather, what we may be hiding from ourselves.

I believe that a profound potential resides deep within each of us.  For some, this may be more apparent, as one may feel more connected to and aware of the potential that they possess.  But for many, this potential (either in personal, relational, professional, physical, emotional, or creative ways) may not be as clear.  This month, as we gear up for the change of season ahead, I invite you to consider your potential.

A quote, I believe spoken by Sabrina Ward Harrison (and I may be paraphrasing), has always resonated with me: “When she got quiet enough, new parts of herself started to speak.”  Quiet your mind, quiet your body, find your breath, and discover your potential.


©Copyright 2013 Emily Lapolice/Integrative Wellness Therapies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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