YogaYoga is an ancient practice and form of physical exercise comprised of a series of forms and shapes that integrate breath and physical movement. The word yoga simply means “union” or to “direct one’s attention.” Yoga helps facilitate the connection of the body and the mind. During practice, focus is directed on the breath and the body, which brings a sense of calm and stillness to the mind.

Yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, physical health, or fitness level. Emily focuses on helping clients find their own personal experience of yoga. She believes that yoga is less about the physical shapes, and more about mindfulness, connection to breath, and living out the practice both on and off the mat.


“The past 8 weeks of yoga with Emily has done more to strengthen my core and decrease my chronic back pain than the past 2 years of weekly yoga with another teacher. I didn’t know what I was missing! Thank you! Thank you!”