Body-Based Treatments

Body-Based TreatmentSome clients may not be ready or able to access and express certain feelings or thoughts, and it may be helpful to start in the body. Emotions are often stored or trapped in the body. Therefore, treatment can be very effective when the body is part of the healing process, especially when trauma is involved.

Body-based treatment sessions can include gentle movement, mindfulness, and breath work, as well as various yoga skills/techniques. Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) can be used to help clients reconnect with their bodies. Body-based treatments, both as a distinct service, or used in conjunction with psychotherapy services can help retrain the body’s maladaptive response to stress.

Clients receiving psychotherapy services outside of Integrative Wellness Therapies can use these sessions as adjunct treatment to existing clinical work.


Body Based Treatment


“Not only is [Emily] an engaging and dynamic instructor, she is also a phenomenal listener and responded to my particular situation with a pitch perfect blend of physical movements and emotional support. What started out as symptom management developed into a way of living better.”