Currently accepting clients with the following health plans: 



Clients are responsible for direct payment of any copays and/or deductible amount based on their insurance coverage/plan.

Emily is currently an “Out-of-Network” provider with Aetna & Cigna.

– Clients may also qualify for “Out-of-Network” reimbursement coverage with other insurances as well.  Please check with your insurance provider.   

-Emily can provide receipts/invoices for clients to submit for “Out-of-Network” reimbursement coverage, or to utilize FSA/HSA accounts if needed.  


Some people prefer to pay out of pocket or privately for a number of reasons.  Paying privately ensures that your insurance company will not be dictating the treatment plan/course of treatment (including treatment length and number of sessions approved).  Additionally, if paying privately, a mental health diagnosis is not required and your clinician does not have to prove that treatment is a “medical necessity.” This means a mental health diagnosis will not become part of your medical record, if this is of concern.


If you are choosing to pay out of pocket, or if Emily is “Out-of-Network” with your insurance provider, please see Fees page for more details